A Focused Brain, LLC is proud to be the only certified IM Home provider in the State of Mississippi!  This is new cutting edge equipment  which will be able to help us provide an alternative  to those clients who may have one of the following scenarios:


What is IM Home?

IM-Home was developed so that clients who either live too far from a provider that uses IM or due to health or time issues can’t get to a clinic as often as needed, but can still get the benefits of the Interactive Metronome even when they aren’t in the clinic. IM-Home is a software & hardware device that requires Internet connect.  A Focused Brain will develop a customized plan to meet whatever our clients needs are and can set up a weekly time for our clients either to call or Skype with one of our trained IM providers to discuss your progress on a weekly basis. We will develop a training plan guides the our clients to perform specific IM exercises. When the training session is complete the results are uploaded to the eClinic and is sent to us immediately. Your personal IM Provider can view the results and make any modifications needed. Any changes are downloaded for the client’s next session.

Just as regular exercise improves physical fitness, sometimes we need to perform cognitive-motor exercises to sharpen our brains. IM is a tool that enhances brain function by exercising the parts that together control:

How IM-Home Training Works

IM Home is a simple exercise but the neurological processing involved is complex and intricate. While clients perform this rhythmic processing exercise the brain is attending to a sound, processing other sounds and colors, moving rhythmically and making small adjustments to stay on the beat. Over the course of the exercises the client is wrapped up in the game-like therapy and will perform thousands of the neurological and coordination movements while their brain’s processing grows stronger and more efficient.

A Focused Brain has worked with clients all over the United States  and two other countries with the IM Home unit. The IM Home unit is a great cost effective device that is a great investment in your or your child’s future.  You can also purchase additional license to add other members of the family should the need arise.

For additional information on IM -Home visit www.imhome.org  or call   us today and see if you are a candidate for IM-Home.

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