It has been said by many coaches and professional athletes that sports is 80% mental and 20% physical.  However, we spend the majority of our time on the physical conditioning.  How much of your time is spent of the mental aspect of your game?


Athletes at any level seeking to improve their skill set may see improvements in these areas:

Focus & Concentration

Motor Control & Coordination

Rhythm & Timing

Motor Planning & Sequencing Speed

Auditory & Visual Processing Speed

Virtually any athletes that participates in any sport where any of the above are important could benefit.  Athletes have benefited from IM in sports such as football, baseball, softball, golf, tennis,  soccer, tennis, hockey, motocross, swimming and dance.


School sports teams, college & university teams, and professional athletes have used IM. Golfers Vijay Singh and Glen Day, college football teams, NFL teams & NBA teams have all used IM. A Focused Brain, LLC,  can work one-on-one with athletes, customizing the program to fit each athletes abilities and sport.


If you can follow simple instructions you should have no problem completing the program. Age is not a factor.


Using this neuro-motor technology tool, the participant performs a variety of repetitive non-aerobic hand and foot exercises to a steady beat heard through headphones. Extremely sensitive hand and foot sensors measure the participant's response instantaneously 54 times a minute on a computer screen. The accuracy of the movement is measured to 1,000th of a second. By responding to the information displayed, the brain is challenged to plan, sequence and process more effectively. Athletes gain the edge when using modern technology to train the brain in order to produce peak physical performance. Over time, the sessions produce measurable gains in physical and cognitive abilities.


The ability to block out distractions and sustain concentration for extended periods of time is just the beginning. Visual and auditory processing speed is sharpened, response time is increased, over responses and under responses are smoothed out. Rhythm, timing and coordination are improved. These gains are typical of IM clients.

What Are The Benefits?

IM integrates sight, sound and physical movements to improve:

Working Memory

The ability to store information and ideas.  Memory is essential for remembering instructions and call plays in many sports.


The ability to focus on call plays and ignore distractions.


The rate at which you are able to accurately perceive and manipulate information.


The placing of detailed information in its accustomed order for example: days of the week, scheduling appointments or the alphabet .

Motor Coordination

The combination of purposeful body movements working together, as swinging a golf club, running and catching a football.

Have There Been Any Studies?

Yes several, for example, in a golf study (9, 7, 5 iron and driver) there was a 20% gain in shot accuracy. There was a 35% increase for advanced golfers who had consistent swing mechanics.  Published in “The Journal of General Psychology”.


How Long Does It Take?

It takes an average 15, 30 minute to one hour sessions (four to five weeks). There are no at-home exercises and for most, the gains are long term. The program also includes pre-, interim-, and post-IM computerized measurements of achievement. We offer the IM - Home program that can be customized for your personal goal and done in the comfort of your own home or we can work with you in our office in Madison, Mississippi.

The Professional Golf Association Tour has seen growing interest in the Metronome.  Golf Digest magazine called it "the hottest piece of equipment on the tour." Vijay Singh, the PGA Player of the Year, has made it part of his workout routine.

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